Bananas Membership Card

Lifetime benefits

  • + *FREE Fridays
  • + Discounted/FREE entry on other event NIGHTS
  • + Line preference and/or Members ONLY Line
  • + Bananas Birthday Club
  • + Loyalty Program
  • + ACCESS to the VIP Lounge(s)
  • + Discounted Price on VIP Reservations
  • + 5% off on Shadowfax Cruises
  • + 5% off Sea Sun Adventure bookings
  • *Free Fridays with the exception of open bar nights

Bananas Membership FAQ

  • Q. Who is membership available to?

    A. Everyone over the age of 18.

  • Q. Where/when can I get it?

    A. At Bananas, Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm.

  • Q. What's the cost?

    A. To register you pay a flat fee of $100 US or $260 EC

  • Q. Are there any group deals/discounts?

    A. Yes, groups of 5 or more will recieve $30 EC off, each, on there membership card purchase.

  • Q. What is the "Bananas Birthday Club"?

    A. The Bananas birthday club is applicable to all members. If it's your birthday, come on in. Members receive a free bottle of bubbly.

  • Q. Can I lend it to my friend?

    A. No. Membership cards are non-transferable, i.e. valid only to the registered person. *Cards will be confiscated if someone, other than the registered person, presents it at Bananas. Confiscated cards are not returned.

  • Q. How can I get the black (loyalty) card?

    A. Refer 10 or more of your friends to sign-up for membership. *Have your friends add your name in the 'Suggested/Referral' field on sign-up.

Other cards (not avaiable for purchase)

Loyalty Card

Loyalty VIP Card Benefits

  • +1 Guest (in-house events ONLY)
  • Free/Discounted Entry
  • Bananas Birthday Club
  • Discount on VIP Reservations
  • Access to Unreserved VIP area
  • 15 persons on VIP reservations.
Loyalty Card

Exec VIP Card Benefits

  • Free entry
  • Ability to skip lines
  • +1 Guest
  • Available to Sponsors
  • Available to Business Partners
Loyalty Card

Affiliate VIP Card Benefits

  • +4 Guest (in-house Events ONLY)
  • Free entry *Except OPEN Bar
  • Line Preference
  • Affiliated Business ONLY
  • Not limited by Identity

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