+ Highlights

Summercrew Mas Band Launch

Spicemas 2017 Event

Summercrew Launch Spicemas 2017

March 31st, Friday 10:00 pm

  • $25 General

The official launch of Summercrew's 2017 Mas Band. See all the costumes and sections for the band Summercrew for Spicemas 2017

Special Event


April 1st, Saturday 10:00 pm

  • $30 Tickets

Corner Ambition presents "Invictus" wear white featuring DJ Moss, Selector Beast and Root Sounds.

Special Event


April 7th, Friday 10:00 pm

  • $25 Tickets

Bananas is collaborating with Real Vybz Entertainment and Unforgetable Trendz to bring you an amazing night "M-Pulse".

Special Event

Free Drinks Easter

April 15th, Saturday 10:00 pm

  • $45 Ladies
  • $50 Guys
  • $100 Premium

The annual Easter Free Drinks. 6 hours of all you can drink. Druink regular or drink premium!

Posse Cruise

Special Event

Sunday School Posse Cruise After Party

March 17th, Friday 10:00 pm

  • FREE Special
  • FREE Members

The official after party to Summercrew Posse Cruise. Free entry for guests coming from Posse Cruise.

+ Weekly Events & Activities

Weekly Activity

Bananas Train Bar Hop

Available for Booking

  • AVAILABLE for booking

Don't Miss the Train, The Bananas Train Bar Hop!
View the full page for more information on riding the train.

Weekly Activity

Kickback Mondays Karaoke

Mondays from 7:00 pm

  • FREE General

Join us at the sports bar Monday nights for drinks, food, LIVE sports and karaoke!

Weekly Party/Activity

Twofer Tuesdays

Tuesdays from 10:00 pm

  • FREE General

Two Drinks for the price of ONE! Smoke the hookahs are play a game of beer pong!

Weekly Party/Activity

Jukebox Thursdays

Thursdays from 9:00 pm

  • $10 General
  • FREE Students
  • FREE Members

Student night, featuring drinks specials, request segment and featured student DJs.

Weekly Party/Activity

Fantastic Fridays

Fridays from 10:00 pm

  • $20 General
  • FREE Members

Bananas Fridays the Ultimate Friday nights. Members FREE all night!

Weekly Party/Activity

BBQ & Family Sundays

Sundays from 2:00pm - 10:00 pm

  • NO COVER General

Enjoy BBQ specials this and every Sunday. View the full BBQ menu

The Bananas Train Bar Hop

The Bananas Train Bar Hop is a round-trip to Grenada’s Top bars in the South of the island. Our 1900s inspired locomotive trolley takes the guests four bars (including our own) to experience four different settings, four different styles and four vibe!

The train is $60EC per person and can take a maximum of 35, with a minimum of 20.


  1. Complimentary Rum Punch on-board the train
  2. A total of 2 drink chits per person to use at the bars we visit
  3. We will be visiting 3 bars
  4. ALL GUEST will receive FREE entry to Bananas on your return


  • Guests receive a total of three (3) Rum Punch drinks at specified intervals
  • Drink tickets are valid for regular or pouring brands
  • Free entry is only applicable for nights that are not OPEN BAR ("Free Drinks") nights, at Bananas.

The train leaves Bananas at 8PM and returns at 11:00 - 11:30PM.

Bananas Train

The train is available for reservation ONLY, at this time.

A deposit of $1200 EC (,i.e. 20 guest) needs to be made to reserve the date, otherwise it's open on a first come first serve basis (whoever deposits first). Also, please note that unless the guest books the maximum capacity or rents the train for a private function the train is open to add more guest.

+ Email To BOOK

Photos of our adventures

Full page at bananas.gd/train

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