Guide: J’ouvert GRENADA (Daybreak Spicemas 2018)

Play Jouvert

Brief Guide to Daybreak Pre-J’ouvert to J’ouvert Party (Spicemas 2018)

So you want to play J’ouvert and you brought your package for Daybreak, here’s what you need to know.
First, if you haven’t as yet you need to collect your Daybreak Package at Bananas during our listed opening hours.

Daybreak Package

x1 admission PINK wrist-band to Bananas
x5 drink stubs attached to wrist-band (Used at The Village / Jovert)
x2 shuttle passes (attached to Daybreak Pass)
x1 t-shirt (S / M / L / XL / XXL)
BONUS One time Pass to Bananas (Use anytime)
BONUS Ticket to “Post Spicemas Party” at Bananas (Friday, August 17th)

GREAT! You’ve got your package what next?

Here’s some questions we get asked frequently.

Q. What to wear?
A. Shoes! No flip-flops, they will be difficult to maneuver the paint and oil or even worst, they will give way.
We’ve included a t-shirt in your package, feel free to modify it the way you like. Alternatively you can wear anything you don’t mind getting dirty.

Q. What to carry?
A. We’ve created a J’ouvert starter pack where you have drinks, transportation and gear so you don’t need to carry large sums of cash. Try your best not to carry valuables. As for phones carry them in a water proof pouch if possible.

Q. Where is the “Village” or Jouvert?
A. The Village is a new venue we’ve created in the heart of Lagoon Road, St. George’s i.e. in the middle of J’ouvert.

There’s a lot of variables when participating in an island wide event such as this, thus we’ve created a couple of segments to inform everyone at the Daybreak event at Bananas.
Daybreak begins at 10:00 pm at Bananas, we suggest being there before midnight to catch the briefing segments with all you need to know about Jouvert!

Bananas, True Blue GRENADA
+1 (473) 444-4662

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